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Our approach

We use low cost devices  and integration to gather all the data we need to identify savings.

We use secure communication technologies to send the data to our analytics platform.

We apply our unique algorithms to that data to identify savings.

We deliver opportunities to the operator on the manufacturing floor to make the savings happen.


We help manufacturers reduce their operational costs by monitoring & measuring operational activities in real-time.

We deliver operational cost savings by reducing energy costs, increasing compliance and improving asset performance.

Unlike conventional control and automation solutions, improvements are delivered straight to you, achieving savings in excess of 10%.


Location: Cognition offices in Dublin & London 

Main Phone: +353.83.800.4358

Email: info@cognition.world



Reducing costs in Food Production & Manufacturing through visual management

Our unique solution

Our intelligent optimisation solution delivers savings through a simple user interface, providing Visual Management through an end-to-end solution – providing the sensors and meters, connectivity, analytics and savings through an ‘as a service’ business model.



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What we do


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