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Reduce the cost of manufacturing(& increase sustainability) through machine & process optimisation

Cognition enables manufacturers to reduce their operational expenditure by monitoring & measuring equipment usage against production processes in real-time. Through our cloud-based analytics platform, we enable significant reductions in energy consumption, increases in asset performance and reductions in the cost of compliance by:

  • identifying anomalies when production performance falls out of tolerance 
  • real-time improvement alerts delivered straight to your staff

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Wireless IoT sensors connecting to the cloud

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Our approach​

  • use low cost devices  and integration to gather all the data we need to identify savings.

  • use secure communication technologies to send the data to our analytics platform.​

  • apply our unique algorithms to that data to identify savings.

  • deliver opportunities to the operator on the manufacturing floor to make the savings happen.


Capture Data

Pre-determined algorithms  to spot trends that make savings


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Dashboard presents all data captured in a meainingful way


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Our intelligent optimisation solution delivers savings.

We provide the sensors and meters, connectivity, analytics and savings through a monthly ‘as a service’ subscription..