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Mike Nugent,CTO. Mike lives with his wife Angela and his three children.  As a lover of sports, and season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur, he is fascinated with how data analytics is used to improve team performance.  Using his experience as a CIO for a major multinational conglomerate, Mike is responsible for our technology strategy - building our solution and developing our future routemap.

Our Leadership Team

About us

John Sillitoe, Non-Executive Director. John is an experienced Operations Director who has spent a lot of his career transforming and turning around operations whilst being accountable for delivering the P&L. John brings to Cognition a track record of operational delivery, particularly in asset intensive production environments where process and efficiency don't always meet. John's goal for Cognition is to reignite the belief, passion and morale of our clients through our technology. 

​​Thomas McGrath,CEO.  Thomas lives in Dublin with his wife and family. With a wealth of board advisory experience including MD of a SCADA business and Head of Performance for the Mayor of London, Thomas is fascinated with how humans interact with technologies and information to achieve savings and deliver new ways of working. A lover of travel and good food, Thomas will often spend time in London where he has a home. He is constantly seeking how to help clients improve their performance. 

Dan Mitchell, COO.  Dan is from North London, he's married to Anais and is kept challenged with three young children.  A team player in every way, Dan was captain of his local rugby team and still enjoys the occasional run out.  Dan makes things happen, he uses his vast delivery experience to ensure our clients get what they need,  when they need it and in a way they can use it.  Using his experience from Accenture and Oliver Wyman Dan is expert at translating technology and strategy requirements into action.

Cognition delivers cost savings to food producers and manufacturers using big data analytics.

Cognition helps manufacturers reduce their energy & production costs and increase compliance using our analytics platform Cognition World. Clients use a simple portal which creates a holistic picture of the entire operation via automatically captured performance data. Based in Dublin and founded by a team of ex-management consultants, Cognition’s clients include food producers and manufacturers in Ireland and the UK.

Our solution describes, predicts and prescribes how to enhance, improve and optimise operations inside manufacturers and food producers. Our decision-support solution delivers energy, compliance and asset optimisation savings straight to the shop floor. We employ low cost IoT devices, new data connectivity solutions with our proprietary analytics and visualisation platform to deliver savings in real time. 

We enable our solution in a matter of hours, speeding the achievement of savings. Our team has decades of experience in energy management, analytics, asset optimisation and board advisory.  We have taken this knowledge and experience and poured it into our analytics and algorithms to achieve big savings.