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CASE STUDY:  Cognition creates the first ‘Smart’ Artisan Bakery in Europe, using IoT technology to become truly ‘Green’ 

Cognition has deployed dozens of IoT data-capture sensors in one of Ireland's oldest bakeries, feeding real-time production information into Cognition’s analytics platform. The platform alerts when production falls out of tolerance with pre-determined standards. Alerts target performance anomalies where savings can be made in energy or production quality. Powered by Cognition, the bakery captures over 30,000 data points every week to help it understand those historically hard to track but expensive issues, such as:

- ensuring gas and electricity ovens are being used at times of optimum tariff and national grid efficiency
- over-cooling of freezers and efficiency of refrigeration  
- quality of the dough production by intelligently managing both temperature and humidity
- consistency of the bakery's quality standards for temperature, shift patterns and machine use
- water temperature tracking to negate the need for additional chilling of water pre-production
The outcome of using intelligent alarming to manage activities is a reduction in operational costs, reduced costs of non-compliance and much more efficient production processes, making the our clients some of the leanest food producers in Europe.

“We won’t compromise on the baking process to help us grow our business, instead we use operational intelligence to monitor and analyse performance in real time. This helps us get smarter in how we operate and as we learn, we bake better bread. As an added benefit we’re delighted it’s helping our sustainability credentials as well.”
Client Managing Director

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