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What we do


Industrial IoT & Big Data strategy & solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and minimise wastage across business operations

Cognition. Because intelligence doesn't have to be artificial.

Cognition helps asset-intensive firms optimise their assets, buildings and people by releasing any value that might be trapped within their existing data & ways of working. We help organisations visualise the totality of their operational performance in real-time so they can make better decisions.

We assess the entire operation to pinpoint specific areas of under-performance and use technology to track and trace the series of steps required to deliver optimum performance.

Our objective is to exploit the advances in technology to collect, organise and analyse vast amounts of operational data and use our unique insights to devise the most appropriate intervention, so management can be reassured that intelligent actions are taking place in real-time.

Visit: Cognition offices in Dublin & London 

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Our unique solution

Cognition works with operational leadership to simplify the complexity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data deployments. We use a range of advisory and agile techniques to develop strategies, business cases and demonstrate the value how IIoT optimisation increases performance and reduces cost.

We use a mix of technology, analysis and transformation skills to help our clients visualise the totality of their operations and then use our unique tools to track & audit interventions to completion.

Our complex advanced analysis utilises Expert Models, a global leader in data science and risk prediction technology.

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