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May: Cognition to showcase at TNW Conference, Amsterdam - Europe's leading tech festival
Cognition are excited to attend the TNW Conference on May 24th and 25th. Described by CNBC as "the most intimate technology festival on the planet", our team will be there manning our Cognition stand and meeting the leading minds in technology. To meet some of the Cognition team at the event please get in touch via our Contact page.  


​April: Cognition nominated for National Startup Awards 2018

​Cogntion are delighted to be named as a nominee for the National Startup Awards 2018. The awards are the most prestigious and sought after awards program for early stage businesses which support, recognise and applaud businesses on every stage of the entrepreneurial journey from inspiration and learning all the way through to startup., scale up and becoming champions. Find out more: http://startupawards.ie/about/

​April: Cognition launch new Smart Origin Green Compliance product at DTS 2018
Some of Ireland's most selective food companies have invested in Cognition's Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help it cut utility bills and comply with tough food sustainability programme targets set out in the 'Origin Green' compliance regime.

Irish food producers are trying to balance cost reduction with sustainability. ‘Origin Green’, the national sustainability programme, enables producers to showcase their commitment to sustainable production. Most firms are unaware of where specific inefficiencies lie in their operation as they struggle with manual or late data collection.

The Smart Origin Green portal from Cognition help starts the journey towards optimisation of energy consumption. Client data is captured in an online Origin Green sustainability report designed to simplify the capture of the evidence required for sustainability management. The key benefits include:

  • accessed anywhere by anyone in the company (no more sharing spreadsheets over email)
  • tracks % completion of progress of all OG requirements
  • encourages higher levels of OG certification (underperforming members will be removed from the programme)
  • a single version of the truth for sustainability data  (no more scrambling around to understand the current numbers)
  • leads to higher levels of awareness among staff as to what is going on (ideal for on-boarding new recruits)
  • Ensure greater levels of take-up in Origin Green compliance inside the firm
  • Helps businesses trade more confidently with other OG companies and grow internationally
  • Can be upgraded to auto-populated data from our IoT sensors and data analytics with Operational Intelligence 

Speaking at the launch at the Dublin Convention Centre Thomas McGrath, CEO of Cognition said “our Smart Origin Green compliance tool is designed for food producers who want a simple and cost effective way to help them track and manage their data flows as part of the Origin Green compliance process.  Food producers are so focused on getting the product out the door, we want to help them target the types of production quality improvements that can turn compliance into cost savings."

April: Cognition creates the first ‘Smart’ Artisan Bakery in Europe, using IoT technology to become truly ‘Green’ 
Cognition has deployed dozens of IoT data-capture sensors in one of Ireland's oldest bakeries, feeding real-time production information into Cognition’s analytics platform. The platform alerts when production falls out of tolerance with pre-determined standards. Alerts target performance anomalies where savings can be made in energy or production quality. Powered by Cognition, the bakery captures over 30,000 data points every week to help it understand those historically hard to track but expensive issues, such as:

- ensuring gas and electricity ovens are being used at times of optimum tariff and national grid efficiency
- over-cooling of freezers and efficiency of refrigeration such as catching doors left open
- quality of the dough production by intelligently managing both temperature and humidity
- consistency of the bakery's quality standards for temperature, shift patterns and machine use
- water temperature tracking to negate the need for additional chilling of water pre-production
The outcome of using intelligent alarming to manage activities is a reduction in operational costs, reduced costs of non-compliance and much more efficient production processes, making the our clients some of the leanest food producers in Europe.

​April: Cognition to display at Dublin Tech Summit 2018 

Cognition is the IOT company that helps manufacturers reduce their energy & production costs and increase compliance using their analytics platform Cognition World. Cognition will display at DTS 2018 and present their easy to use, simple portal which creates a holistic picture of manufacturers entire operation via automatically captured performance data